HI Guys!??

On Monday we will be 1) doing our Midterm 2) reading Your Artist Staement to the class 3) sharing the sketches of your projection projects.??

MIDTERM: Will include my own questions from the material below so please go review all materials!

?—How To Write About Art (Intro and Sculpture section)?

—-How To Write An Artist Statement (https://www.agora-gallery.com/advice/blog/2015/05/12/how-to-write-an-artist-statement/)

?—-Swale Sculpture Workshop (https://www.swaleny.org/html/images.html)?

—-SkypeOnArt (Jim Andrews <https://vispo.com>)?

—-Our Artist Reports

MEGAN:?https://devennysculpture2.wordpress.com/ ?
1. What is projection mapping?  ?
2. What do Davy and Kristin McGuire project upon in their video Starkers???




  1. Down to the Cellarby Jan Svankmajer is about a young girl confronting her fears and phobias when she goes down to collect what from the cellar??????
  2. Darkness, Light, Darknessby Jan Svankmajer is about the reconstruction of what in a small room?

1. Describe Nadav Assor’s “Tunneling” Piece.?
2. What does Nadav Assor’s work relate to? (cities, meditative concepts and technology)??

JADE https://jademianna.wordpress.com/2016/03/07/nick-cave-art-in-motion/

ANDREA: https://sculpture2ap.wordpress.com/
1.) Where did Bill Viola install his video art installation called “earth, air, fire, and water”?
2.) How many years has Bill Viola been doing this kind of video art? 



Writing About Art Questions From Amanda

  1. How did Eva Hesse die?
  1. What is one non traditional material that Eva Hesse use in her sculptures?


  1. Where did Franz West have some of his work installed? 
  2. What did Evan Holloway turn at 90 degrees?
  3. What does Janet CCardiff use in her art mostly? 


  1. What is Tim Hawkinson’s “Shorts” piece made out of? 
  2. What interactive pieces did Franz West make? 
  3. What do Phillip Guston’s rocks represent?


  1. What was a common color used in Franz wests sculptures? 
  2. Phillip Guston’s forms or silhouettes are traditionally inspired by ____? 
  3. Name one of Tim Hawkison’s pieces.


  1. What is Tim Hawkinsons work H.M.S.O made of? What is depicted? 
  2. What is David Altmejd’s project “eye”? 
  3. When and where was Franz West born? 
  4. What is the term that Lucio Fontana Conceta coined? 
  5. What is exemplified in Phillip Gustons Martyr? 


  1. Tim Hawkinsons piece “Double Dutch” could be described as a cross between what?
  2. Where was Franz West’s piece “Lips” installed in 2012?
  3. Evan Halloway is well known for doing what with the tree branches in his work? 


  1. What year was Franz West’s last installation at the Philadelphia Art Museum? 
  2. What artists works were made with paper mache? 
  3. Which artists works created a zombie effect made with crystals? 


  1. what is “shorts” by Tim Hawkinson? 
  2. What is the hole of “eye by David Altmejd? 
  3. Where is “Lips” by Franz West installed? 


  1. What was Tim Hawkinson’s “point” made out of?
  2. Who created the installation “Lips” in 2012 that was shown at the Philadelphia Art Museum? 
  3. What object did Evan Holloway take apart and reconstruct using 90 degree angles?