I am so please to be offering Kinetic Sculpture: programmable, interactive objects 50:080:214: 01 in Fall 2017. This class meets Mon/Wed 9:35-10:55 in Fine Arts Building Rm 103.

Open to everybody, Kinetic Sculpture is a beginning class in programming and sculpture. I hope you will join us fro this fun, hands-on, class covers interactive objects, wearables, robotics, and the internet of things. Kinetic Sculpture satisfies the Art and Aesthetics Gen Ed Requirement.

The course description is here:

Art 214: Kinetic Sculpture

The point of much art is to say things that can’t be simply stated. In this class, we will explore kinetic sculptural forms using a variety of materials, processes and creative strategies. We will focus on the past and present of kinetic sculpture, the properties of sculptural forms and materials, and your own creative development as an art maker, that is, identifying what you want to say and learning how to articulate it via the mediums covered.

The technology we will be using include Arduino, Raspberry Pi, computer vision and web based applications. The techniques you will learn in this course include pattern making, connectivity, the use of the spatial properties of three-dimensional and kinetic forms, and site-specific interaction. You will also learn how to write critique statements, give in-class presentations on current or historical art, and present your own projects within a formal critical structure.


Each project will be preceded by a slide lecture, student presentations, reading(s) and an instructional workshop that will introduce the basic techniques and materials we will employ. The lectures, presentations and readings will expose you to works that relate to the assignment at hand and will trace the historical influences of each project.

In this class, you will learn to:

  1. Define, evaluate and use a critical vocabulary that facilitates the analysis of both artistic form and content.


  1. Analyze pieces of sculpture within a contemporary and historical framework using various critical and theoretical methodologies.


  1. Understand how works of kinetic sculpture are created.
  2. Express yourself effectively through the practice of art making.


  1. Construct and present creative and cogent interpretations of your own artwork.



The class will consist primarily of studio work. It is not possible to complete the assignments, with a good understanding of the concepts involved, without working outside of class time. I encourage you to go beyond the boundaries of the initial assignments to explore your interests and discover your voice as an artist.


You will produce four critiqued class projects that are sculptural and kinetic. Each project will be preceded by a lecture and demo. You will also be asked to present an in-class report on an artist that is relevant to the project at hand. Most projects will be broad in scope to allow for maximum personal freedom. You will present each project using a formal subject-versus-content statement and we will hold a critique of your work. Everyone is expected to have all work completed by the time of the critique and to contribute to the discussions. It is my intention that you will be able to direct and fully participate in critiques by the end of the course and have some usage of a critical language.


All students are to keep a sketchbook for ideas, working drawings, in-class exercises and project statements. Exercises and project statements will be graded throughout the course and will be turned in en masse at midterm time and at the end of the semester.