I am thrilled to report that Mary Mattingly, the internatinally acclaimed eco and community artist, will be teaching Art & Urban Sustainability in Spring 2018.  This innovative, hands-on class is cross listed between the Department of Fine Arts and Urban Studies. Students in the class won the 2016 Technically Brooklyn Art and Innovation Award for Artist Creative Group of the Year: Swale. A giant floating editable forest.  The Students in Art and Sustainability collaborated with eco-artist Mary Mattingly to design the planting beds for Swale. This large-scale sculpture addresses the need for sustainable eco-systems and food security in an inner-city context. A great NTY video on the project can be found here: https://www.nytimes.com/video/travel/100000005499237/36-hours-in-latino-nyc.html

If you would like to help create a better world through creative problem solving, this is the class for you. This class is open to ALL MAJORS and offers Gen Ed Credit in Art and Aesthetic Interpretation (AAI) and Civic Engaged Learning (CEL)

Art and Urban Sustainability is a theory and studio based course. The goal of this class is to addresses, in four units, public art, community art, environmental art and issues of sustainability as they relate to Camden, New Jersey. In these four subject areas, our objective will be to consider the strategies utilized by arts organizations and individuals who are successfully creating sustainable practices in an inner-city context. Students in this class will author proposals for the city of Camden NJ in the areas of public art, community art, environmental art and sustainability practice and will take part in one civically engaged sustainability project in the city of Camden.

This class tracks a public lecture series spring semester 2018 that is also open to the campus and greater Camden community. A link from the 2014 describes a previous series:


Cheers and best!

Prof. Demaray