The Songs We Sing Berlin

Hi Everybody, Please come and see the Songs We Sing Berlin Project during the spring exhibition cycle at DADAPost. Scientists currently believe that we will witness the largest, most rapid, species die-off in the history of the world—in our lifetime. The Songs we Sing Berlin considers the ways that we humans may comfort ourselves … Read more of The Songs We Sing Berlin

IndaPlant Project

IndaPlant Project, an Act of Trans Species Giving by Professor Elizabeth Demaray, Department of Fine Art, Rutgers, Camden and Dr. Qingze Zou, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Rutgars University, New Brunswick The IndaPlant Project is an act of tran-species giving in which robotic platforms are engineered to support the free movement and metabolic … Read more of IndaPlant Project

Art and Science Collaboration at the Association of Environmental Science

At this year’s Association of Environmental Science Studies symposium, held at the University of Santa Clara, CA, it was my pleasure to present a talk titled Work Samples From the Field of Art and Science Collaborations. Also on the bill were Mark Brest van Kempen, Mary Rubin and Danielle Siembieda, all West Coast art professionals … Read more of Art and Science Collaboration at the Association of Environmental Science

SkypOnArt Lecture Series

Rutgers–Camden Presents “SkypeonArt” this Fall 2015Rutgers–Camden will become the central hub for interactive, online conversations with nationally and internationally renowned artists, as it presents “SkypeonArt” this fall 2015.I am thrilled to report that this year’s lineup includes discussions on talking points for robots, music appreciation for drones and “Visions of Place” the current exhibition on view … Read more of SkypOnArt Lecture Series

Town Crier in Cabinet Magazine!

Hi all. I’m posting the pdf of the piece I recently did for Cabinet Magazine. Check out the great art work by Allan Espiritu, Kat Dee and Hugo Bastidas! the link is here: DemarayE_Nov6_Cabinet_2011?12