MALS Classes added in Fine Art!

I am thrilled to report that the Rutgers Camden campus is getting its first grad level classes in Fine Arts! This Summer Session 2016 the MALS program, in conjunction with the Department of Fine Arts, is offering graduate level courses in creams sculpture and new media. As the Acting Directer of the MALS program this spring … Read more MALS Classes added in Fine Art!

SkypeOnArt: Jim Andrews

Hi Everybody,We will be Skyping today with Jim Andrews, a pioneer in the field of music, visualization, poetry and interactive media. Andrews work explores the idea that poetic experience is not the exclusive territory of words and lines. The work casts the interactor in the position of composer, mixing and sequencing voice and audio samples and corresponding … Read more SkypeOnArt: Jim Andrews

Steal This Project at 3rd St Gallery, Philadelphia

As part of the Mixed Use / Extending TheTerms exhibition at 3rd St. Gallery in Philadelphia, the Advanced Sculpture class installed Steal This Project a series of objects installed on the street in from of the gallery that had been designed to be stolen. Each object incorporated a hand sized rock and other materials aimed at … Read more Steal This Project at 3rd St Gallery, Philadelphia

Rutgers–Camden Presents “SkypeonArt” Fall 2015

Rutgers–Camden will become the central hub for interactive, online conversations with nationally and internationally renowned artists, as it presents “SkypeonArt” this fall.I’m thrilled to report that this year’s lineup includes presentations on talking points for chat bots, the musical preferences of drones and the “Visions of Place” exhibition that is currently on view at the … Read more Rutgers–Camden Presents “SkypeonArt” Fall 2015

New Media Art

I’ve been getting lots and lots of questions concerning 50:080:224 New Media Art. This class is dedicated to advancing the conceptual and artistic use of digital media in all areas of studio art. Focused on the nexus of theory and studio-based work in the expanding fields of digital technology, virtual reality, gaming and interactive environments, this … Read more New Media Art

The Songs We Sing Camden

Come be a bird at the Songs We Sing Camden, This week and next the Conceptual class and I will be creating, installing and performing a Songs We Sing project in Camden as part of the Sounds of Camden exhibition at the Rutgers Camden Center for the Arts (RCCA). The piece concerns the massive species die-off … Read more The Songs We Sing Camden